Ohsan Lead Free Wheel Weights

Get Involved

It's easy to get involved and contribute your best to the environment. Follow the ways given below:

Sensitize the governance bodies

You can discuss this issue at local RWAs, Social Groups and legislatures or authorities in your area to promote the concept.

Create Awareness

Show your support by placing our sticker/promotional material on your vehicle and workplace. Discuss and start sharing your concern with others you meet.

Join our Social Network

Receive the latest news & updates on legislation, green vehicle tips and lead free wheel weights.

Let's grow Green Leader network

You can encourage your regular tyre shop to use lead free wheel weights. They can join our Green Leader Network and contribute to environment.

Participate and Promote

Participate yourself to be a Green Ambassador to lead out and ask your friends to adopt the same. You can share your story on our FB page and link the page to your profile.


Drive Green

Start using Ohsan Lead Free Wheel Balancing weights and make your drive green. You can contribute substantially to environment and give your children a better and greener earth. Let's Save Earth, Lead Out...

Host a Session

Ohsan provides you specialized interactive speaker session on LEAD POLLUTION & GOING LEAD FREE for your institution, school, college etc. Our special speakers will give its impact on environment with presentation.

For more details to Get Involved, please drop us an email at leadout@ohsan.in with Subject line "I want to Lead Out with this Green Initiative"