Ohsan Lead Free Wheel Weights

Lead Out to Go Lead Free

For a better driving experience, saving on fuel and better maintenance of tyres wheel balancing is very important. In general, we have been using lead wheel weights unknowingly the danger of using these. Lead is toxic and it is all around us. There is a good chance that it gets into our life system.

Lead is a neurotoxin that causes brain damage and is most harmful to children and pregnant women. Over exposure to lead can cause serious ailments such as wrist drop, also known as radial nerve palsy, memory loss, reduced sperm count in men and miscarriage in women.

Unfortunately, currently there are no regulatory controls governing the use of lead wheel weights or promoting lead free weights to avoid contamination.

1gm of lead can give lead poisoning to
• Two thousand adults of 70 kg of weight, or
• Ten thousand children of 30 kg. of weight, or
• Twenty Thousand children of 15 kg of weight

A person is said to ailing from lead poisoning when level of lead in the blood is more than 100 micrograms per litre for adults and 50 micrograms per litre for children.

USPs of Ohsan Lead Free Wheel Balancing Weights