Ohsan Lead Free Wheel Weights

Why Ohsan?

A manufacturer of industrial products since more than 3 decades and being a market leader we thought is our responsibility towards environment and society. This thought resulted into an environment friendly product i.e. lead free wheel balancing weight.

This innovative product is of superior quality and eco friendly without sacrificing important characteristics such as retention and corrosion resistance.

We are team of energy and experience mastering all aspects of developing and manufacturing industrial products. Our people strive to provide best of service and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Ohsan is offering a greener and safer alternative to Indian marketplace. These lead-free wheel weights has all important characteristics such as retention and corrosion resistance without sacrificing the quality & strength.

The availability of Ohsan Lead Free Wheel Balancing Weights in India is good news for the discerning users who are aware of the dangers of the presence of Lead in our environment and are at the forefront to counter the menace of Lead Poisoning.